problem with baking - underneath burning

Ok just baked some spicy rock cakes/buns whatever you want to call
them, cooked at below temp given. after 15mins (recomended time) the
underneath appeared burnt (the baking tray i used was used for the
first time in this bake session) I used butter to grease the tray - no
foil or greaseproof, what is the cause of this, i have this with other
cakes i bake, i know i cant cure them now they burnt but why does it
happen? i dont wanna know how to solve the problem, it shud seem
obvious, but the other lot i put in on the top shelf baked fine no
problems - cooked for same amount of time in same baking session...any
answers as 2 why?
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alex ward
You have a strong bottom heat. Put another baking sheet underneath the tray that hold the product to be baked. You can also line the tray with parchment where you placed the items to be baked. Good Luck! Roy
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Roy Basan
Some items need bottom heat. Pies are a good example. Other items should be baked in the center of the oven. Unless you have a true convection oven, the heat source is in on the bottom of the oven. When you place a pan near the bottom of the oven it can be very very close to the heating element or burner. As you have seen, the bottom of the pan gets very hot and delicate items burn. According to Newton's Inverse Square Law, the radiant energy decreases in an inverse relationship to the square of the distance from the source. Intensity=1/D² where D is the distance from the energy source.
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Vox Humana
Same type of tray used? One wasn't black and the other silver? That caught me out when I was young oh so long ago.
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Hoges in WA

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