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Cooking lessons from rural Thailand
Interested in Thai cooking? This American cook traveled through rural Thailand to learn cooking from the locals: quite like ethnic food. Enjoy!!
9 years ago
Raisin bread problem
I would like use my bread machine to make my raisin bread. The instructions tell you to add the raisins when you hear the signal. But every time I do this most of the raisins don't make it inside the...
9 years ago 3
Whats your favorite Indian sweet?
yum yum..Indian Sweets. Indian sweets are plentiful in number and nature and are most delectable item of consumption. sweets are prepared during festive occasion and ceremonies and also signify good...
9 years ago
tory burch flats
He opened the curtain. He began the show "Made in Italy, art and fashion. All these features together in the same event, the AltaRoma. I had the pleasure of being invited to the party opening the...
9 years ago
Best cool n healty drink for summer, that you like is..
Summers turn terrifying season due its rising temperature. The bright sunny weather results in life threatening dehydration. Thus, it is very much essential to take healthy drinks as a source of...
9 years ago
Do you try for new receipes?
Joy of cooking..!! Especially when, trying for new receipes and get good comments for it. Everyone gets bored with same taste and same receipes, so change is needed. Many poeple love to try new...
9 years ago 1
When I get bored with regular food, I try..
How boring it is to eat same food everyday. We need change. There are options available out there. Vast number of options. But we dont like everything. Many things dont suit our taste. Or not all...
9 years ago 1
Buttermilk Biscuits
I love biscuits. Freshly baked buttermilk biscuits. books with good biscuit recipes. Biscuit Bliss : 101 Foolproof Recipes for Fresh and Fluffy Biscuits in Just Minutes by: James Villas Baking at Home...
9 years ago 2
The Quest for the Healthiest Chocolate Chip Cookie
I have been on a quest to try and make the healthiest possible chocolate chip cookie because... well, because I love home baked chocolate chip cookies and it would be great if there was a way to make...
9 years ago 1
whcih cheese to be use in pizza?
whcih cheese to be use in pizza? Cheddar and mozzerrela. I HATE cheddar on a pizza!! Mot, and Parmesan and Romano for a bit of kick are my favorites, AND only choices! . Mozzarella, Parmesan, Fontina...
9 years ago 8
spray oil and bake = fry?
Instead of frying, if I were to spray with a light coating of oil and then bake in an oven or convection oven, would this produce a result similar to frying? I am trying to find a lower-fat...
9 years ago 4
Best time to eat bread
The newly baked bread in the showcase of a bakery look so delicious that you may want to taste it at once. Actually, it?s not the best time. When the 'baked food' () isstill steaming, some...
9 years ago 10
Boxed Cake Mix Better Than From Scratch ???
In article , says... The flaw in his argument is that he only tested box mixes against other box mixes. He may well have identified which box cake is the least awful, but he hasn't proved it was...
9 years ago 40
I made chocolate chip cookies the other day and the batter looked perfectly smooth and tasted delicious, but when i baked them they didn't form well and just fell flat and stuck to the pan! why did...
9 years ago 2
Adjustment for baking two loaves of bread?
I like to bake a loaf of whole wheat and a loaf of almost- white. Yes, they are in the oven at the same time, sort of side by on the same rack. Should I adjust the time or temp? Just trying to keep...
9 years ago 3