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Would like opinions on ovens
We are looking to replace our old gas range with a convection oven and wanted to know if anyone had a strong opinion on brands... There is a nice Frigidaire PLGFZ390 and GLGF388 a GE JGB916 and a...
13 years ago 2
Holiday Soup Recipes
Great low-fat and healthy (light and hearty) soup recipes available for free. The download link is located at the end of the article on holiday recipes!
13 years ago
Chocolate Kahlua cake: not in bundt pan?
I am wondering if anyone has ever tried making a chocolate kahlua cake, which is usually baked in a bundt pan, in a glass cake pan instead. It's the standard recipe; an easy, cake mix recipe where you...
13 years ago 1
cookie ornaments?
I'm planning on baking cookies this year for my xmas tree ornaments. Will a standard gingerbread rolled cookie recipe be ok? I guess I need the cookies to be sturdy and edible days from now. Is there...
13 years ago 1
More on No Knead Bread
It also has a video. a great follow-up! This definately goes in the file with theoriginal. As Bittman comments, "almost everything about Mr. Laheys bread is flexible, within limits." I might ammend...
13 years ago 1
dumb question - baking chocolate
So, if my receipe calls for four squares of baking chocolate, does that mean two of the wrapped pieces in the box of Bakers Chocolate that seems to be in two pieces that are stuck together? Or does...
13 years ago 9
Food Ezine
The December issue of 'Cooking up a storm' E-Zine is now available - Featuring an article on olive oil, reviews of Gordon Ramsays 'Maze' restaurant, our selected wine and beer reviews, seasonal...
13 years ago
Pumpkin pie baking temperature
I am baking a pumpkin pie 16 oz. of fresh pumpkin puree and the associated eggs, spices and milk/cream. I baked the crust first, brushed egg white on the bottom, then filled the pie. I did heat the...
13 years ago 7
Help! I need second half of a recipe.
I have the first half of a sponge cake recipe from "Welcome to Junior's!" cookbook. I have up to the bottom of step 2, the last sentence being "beat in the vanilla and lemon extracts." Can anyone give...
13 years ago 2
Convection Ovens
How do I adjust the time/temp when I use my convection oven vs. regular oven? I had heard to turn it down by 25 degrees, but I thought there was a time adjustment too. I am getting ready to start...
13 years ago 5
Icing query
In a rare joint venture, Team Doe are doing an iced cake. My wife is going to make the fruit cake and I'll be decorating it. My dilema, the 2 recipes I have : Royal Icing (sug+egg whites) and : Butter...
13 years ago 11
No-Knead Dough for Foccaccia? How to adapt?
Has anybody got any suggestions about how to adapt the famous no-knead bread dough recipe to make foccaccia? I would guess that since I DON"T want the hard crust, I could just put it on a baking sheet...
13 years ago 2
grain mill advice/recommendation
Hello, I started baking bread 2 months ago, about 6 loaves a week, and I'm thinking about getting a grain mill. I'm looking for both your advice and your experience with Nutrimill grain mill. I listed...
13 years ago
Working with wet dough
Is there any secret to working with wet dough? Is there a point where dough is wet but not wet enough that it sticks to everything? Or is wet dough messy - period. Any help is appreciated. Wet dough...
13 years ago 2
NYT Bread Article
I am a Culinary School Grad and an avid home baker, several weeks ago the New York Times published an article on bread which has laid on my desk since I downloaded it. Last night I tried the method...
13 years ago 14