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As my health is beginning to improve, I am starting to look at what I
need to get my business back up and running. The first thing I need is a
working shopping cart system for my web site. It will need to include CC
processing. I don't get a lot of sales off the site, so it needs to be
cost effective. I don't care if I end up paying a slightly higher discount
rate for CC processing, if I can avoid monthly charges. I do need
something that will allow a customer to purchase on line, spur of the moment
and can figure in shipping costs also. I also need a working site meter so
that I can keep some track of hits on the site. This one needs to be basic
and a freebie for now.
We will start with these and address a couple other areas that need
help later.....Any ideas?
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Barbara Otterson
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How complex a shopping cart do you need? Is PayPal off your potential methods list?
Within the limitation that customers have to deal with PayPal, it handles CC transactions, and is probably the least expensive option you'll find.
If someone knows something cheaper, I'd like to hear about it as well.
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try looking at the stuff paypal has available. I think it is free except for the transfer fees. They have buy it now buttons and a shopping cart system. Armand
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Armand Vine
If all you want is the ability for folks to put stuff in a shopping card and pay via paypal, you can do that through them.
If you want a full blown storefront that either links to PP or to a merchant account that you setup online, check the link in my sig.
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As my health is beginning to improve, I am starting to look at what I
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Barbara Forbes-Lyons
I thought I sent this Sunday but it hasn't shown up so here goes again. Check out the features that ebay offers. They have buy it now buttons and a shopping cart. That way all credit cards are accepted without having to pay a monthly fee, just the CC charge from ebay. Armand
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Armand Vine
First of all:
You might consider Paypal: they are now functioning as a credit card processer as well, and their rates are superb.
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Kalera Stratton

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