I like Sewing I have A Staff that Are Tailor Designers and Seamstress Just like Me

I would loveI Assist And Offer My Service to the Group how Ever We
Wanna Set up i'm in Georgia But I Can Travel Volunteer Allot of
Services And And Get Sponsors for my Website I would like to Sponsor
some of the events and Showcase Allot Of Business On my new website
I Can Also Promote things we Do on this Group I Really Like to
promote the group if you'd like I Work Every Day Designing and Sewing
Fashions For Consumers Designers, and Companies I Have My Staff of
Sewers on a need Be basic with Factory Machines in my Sewing Room +
Area I have dedicated to my Business =E2=99=A1=E2=99=A1 I Am Offering My =
and Manufacture Fashions Services =E2=99=A1=E2=99=A1 I Can Volunteer and D=
onate Some
Events =E2=99=A1=E2=99=A1 I can Give Rally God Deals on Wholesale to help =
with fund
Raisers=E2=99=A1=E2=99=A1 Lets Connects and help each other grow the Wome=
n Business
Owners My New group Family Lets Link up on and Stay in touch with
one another
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I Design and Sewn Fashions in theIndustry for years I am A Trained Professional Certified FashionDesigner I Love to Network!
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Whatever they were trained in, communication wasn't part of it. I've seen better English from a machine translating from Japanese via Arabic.
Looks like an ad for cheap contract sewing... A BAD ad for cheap contract sewing... Doesn't inspire one with confidence that the finished article will be of a quality anyone here would put their name to. I think we'll just carry on doing our own thing.
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