Viking D1 or Brother 2003D?

I been Test Drive for Bernina, Janome, Brother and Viking sewing machine.
Finaly I tested all 4 of top of Model.
But, I still can not dicide which is best for me.
I want do the machine quilt with it.
I'm interesting about Embroidary with quilt Block also.
It will be nice if I can make my own designe.
All of the machine with Embroidary is very Expensive is it worth it? Should
I buy Viking Quilt Designer or Brother PC6000 for now?
Be able to Trade up for these expensive machine if I realy want it, right?
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Personally, I wouldn't buy the Viking D1. The support from Viking is lousy! I have a Quilt Designer. I love the machine, but getting any help or assistance has been a nightmare. I even called the Viking headquarters here in the states ... in Ohio, and their customer service told me that if I was that unhappy with the service from their local dealers here .... which are ALL owned by one person, that I should just sell my machine a buy another brand. And all I was trying to do was to get some instructions on using the machine, without having to pay $70.00 dollars for 2 classes. The attitude here at the local "U Sew" shops is just awful! I have been to 6 different stores ..... and gotten 6 different replies to the same question. There was one gal at one of the stores that was very helpful and took the time to answer any questions, but she quit a week after I found her and she went to work at Hancock's. I have just been very disappointed with Viking .... especially since they are not exactly "cheap" machines. On the other hand, I went out and purchased a Brother embroidery machine, and wouldn't trade it for the world! I absolutely love it! And the customer service support is excellent. The best part is that now I don't have to tie up the embroidery machine when I want to sew, or I can be sewing on the Viking while the Brother is just embroidering away! It works out great. And by buying the Brother, you don't have to have all the "proprietary" software that the Viking has to have .... so you really save when it comes to the designs, which can get really, really expensive. My Brother came with the card and card reader, so all I had to do was get Embird and I was all set. Just my two cents.
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Are you intending to buy softward if so it can be very expensive. I opted for the Brother machines as I managed to pick up the software secondhand and trade up Pletny of it about. I never say and Husquarvarna software or Bernina software for sale secondhand. Liz
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