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AD: Endless Hoop Designs, gift Certificate for Christmas Sewing Friends
Have an Endless Hoop and not many designs? Here are 2 for you. One is a FSL Snowflake, just keep going and make it as long as you want. I did a 4 foot piece in less than 2 hours, the other is 2 little...
13 years ago
Texas longhorn
Am looking for the Texas Longhorn Logo with lettering. I would like to put it on a shirt for my grandson. Does any one know if it is available any where. I have looked on various sites but have not...
13 years ago 1
Font Question
I'm embarrased to say that I have some towels on my web site that I can't figure out the font I used! If someone could look at them and weigh in on what font you think it might be, I'd really...
13 years ago 6
Ultimapoly thread revisited...
I am looking into purchasing some more embroidery thread (#50 polyester - I have plenty of #40 polyester). (You have to love all the pretty colours - embroidery thread is yet another way to create...
13 years ago 2
PLEASE LOOK MY PAGE THIS GREAT OFFER IS FOR YOU : FREE EMBROIDERY SOFTWARE Regards Embroidery_2004 Now THATS a scary place! whew!! saw "embroidery_2004" , tout with: snip Most interesting. You could...
13 years ago 4
Quilt Shows & Events in 2007
My wife and I plan to make several quilt show centered trips in 2007. Anyone know of a web site with a calendar of quilt events for 2007? Or if all the traveling quilters in this group will post the...
13 years ago 1
Need help with machine applique
I have just assembled all of the pieces for my tumbling block quilt (48x60 wallhanging actually). The disign has three large blocks, two medium sized blocks, and about 30 very small blocks. I would...
13 years ago 1
BOGO Continues & Free Design Set @ BFC !
~~~~~~~~~TIP~~~~~~~~~ To make some quick holiday gift bags, take some of your test stitches and use them to make a quick gift bag. Place them right sides together and stitch around the bottom and two...
13 years ago
sharing sites?
Are there any sharing sites where I can share my .pes files and get files from others ? Watch out for the troll there. Ignore it. You mean , right? Paris Posted Via Premium Usenet Newsgroup Services...
13 years ago 2
Binding foot for Bernina 640
Anyone here tried the binding foot from Bernina? If it really allows sewing the binding on both sides, I really want one. How well does it handle corners?
13 years ago
3rd Anniversary BOGO and Free Design Set @ BFC !
I know everyone says this when their business hits another yearly milestone, but - it sure doesn't seem possible it's three years already! They have been exciting and fun both in discovering new...
13 years ago
New version of FREE Wilcom Truesizer .. can output Bernina .ART
While trying to find the download site for someone this morning, I discovered that there is a new version of the Free Wilcom Truesizer. It has added to its already large number of conversion options,...
13 years ago 6
Any one know where I can find a digitized copy of RatFink? Thanks in advance Debbi in SO CA
13 years ago
3 Pre Pays ending soon & Whimsical BOGO Sale @ BFC !
~~~~~~TIP~~~~~~ Use your test stitch outs to make Victorian type Stockings! Trim your stitch outs to squares, diamonds or rectangles. Lay on a piece of muslin or other thin cotton fabric and put...
13 years ago
HV#1 cassettes
I'm thinking of buying the F and N cassettes for the HV#1. However, I don't know what an appropriate price would be, you don't see them for sale very often. Also, the seller is located in Great...
13 years ago 2