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usb card reader writer for viking rose
I've a viking rose machine but no card and no software to embroidery. I'd like to begin to embroider and seems to understand i need a card reader writer but also a software 3d organizer. (minimum) i...
13 years ago 2
free deer designs
looking for a head shot of a whitetail deer, anyone know where to get a free one? or does anyone have one??
13 years ago
AD:Halloween Thanksgiing Halloween Hanger, Done in the Hoop, Peeker 7 now hidden
The Butterfly Filet Runner is now ready for the 4x4 hoop. A few more pieces but well worth it. Here is a quick and easy holiday decoration. Living Pumpkins, clipart by CutnLovely, for the 5x7 hoop,...
13 years ago
Falling Leaves, New Library & Scenic BOGO Sale @ BFC !
~~~~~~~~~~TIP~~~~~~~~~~~ To add variety to your FSL designs, try stitching them on different colors of organza rather than Water Soluble Stabilizer. Your Christmas designs especially would be great...
13 years ago
LQQking for an embroidery machine
I am disabled and not able to pull a regular job... I am doing alot of sewing and quilting, mainly for Orphanges in Africa and Uganda... Vicki Yohe, a christian singer has the Destiny Orphanage in...
13 years ago
50th Wedding anniversary
Could someone point me in the right direction for Golden wedding anniversary files? I can only find one...its very nice, but was hoping for more. thanks so for your help j
13 years ago
Deep Woods Window & New BOGO Sale @ BFC !
NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES. Sale: SCENES AND SCENE MAKERS BUY ONE SET GET ONE FREE SALE! Youcan choose any sets from our...
13 years ago
Bernina 165 Embroidery Software
Hello, I recently bought a floor model Bernina 165 that came with the embroidery unit. I'm a complete newbie at embroidery but am enjoying what the machine has to offer. I am curious about what can be...
13 years ago 1
req. Bernina Designer Plus-programs
Looking for these programs, can you help me? Thanx a lot, Yours Truly -- --------------------------------- --- -- - Posted with NewsLeecher v3.8 Beta 3 Web @ ----- ---- -- -
13 years ago
Does anyone here know if I can download as already digitized design of a Piper Cub airplane. I have a PSW and aSinger xl1000 machine. I also have the flash card that I need to get it to the machine....
13 years ago 2
software for se-270d
I just purchased the disney machine (that i really couldnt afford) from wall mart for my wife. Only problem is I thought it had the software (embird) for downloading fonts and stuff. I spent most of...
13 years ago
brother embroidedry machine se270d from walmart
does anyone own one.whats your opinion of this opinions
13 years ago
The Church, new Wolves & Christmas BOGO Sale @ BFC !
~~~~~~~~~TIP~~~~~~~~ White iridescent glitter glue is great for adding snow to Holiday embroidery designs or FSL ornaments. Suz got the kind she could use with a brush and you can pile it quite high....
13 years ago
BMP to Tajima conversion
Can someone covert a BMP or AI file for me? TIA They can't really be converted Troy. Adobe Illustrator is a "vector" image and the BMP isn't. Once you have the bitmap open in Illustrator, it has to be...
13 years ago 3
New Window set, Nativity for 4x4 and Christmas BOGO Sale & BFC !
NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES. *WINDOWS - THE GRASSHOPPER* Though based on an oriental print, youwill see this picture could go...
13 years ago