usb card reader writer for viking rose

I've a viking rose machine but no card and no software to embroidery.
I'd like to begin to embroider and seems to understand i need a card
reader writer but also a software 3d organizer. (minimum)
i have embird to trasform the different format into .hus so my question
if i only buy a card reader writer, will i be able to transfer
internet embroidery (wich format i can change) into the reader writer
without spending money in 3d organizer.
Sorry for my english!!
Thamks for every suggestion serena
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You will have to buy software that enables you to write the embroidery to the card via the reader writer. 3d organiser only allow you to view/organise your designs. You need to look at the customiser or professional software, they contain the reader/writer part that enables you to write to a card. e.g. 3d usd reader/writer. There are older versions of customising available that do the same thing. You will have to check which will work on your computer operating programme. Look at
formatting link

Hope you find this helpful.
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yes, that should work. 3d embroidery is the latest software. Until I changed to window xp I was using customising 95. I only changed because it wasn't compatible and I also bought a D1. I have a orchidea which uses a reader/writer and card, mine is a parallel port and I am still using it.
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