viking 1+ problems with programmable card;reader/writer

I have had problems with my card- when in my machine and I press a
design number it shows crazy incomplete letters. took card out and
tried to re-write design with reader/writer and I get message "cannot
write to card" I thought it was the card so I bought a new one and the
same thing happened. It has been at the dealer for a month and they
can't figure it out. Any ideas?
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Either a problem with your reader/writer or with the software, is my guess.=20
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I had trouble with a programmable card that I got with my reader/writer unit and come to find out the card wasn't any good any more. The good card needs to have programmable 542 on it. The bad one that they gave me only had programmable with no number. And also you might slightly clean off the part of the card that is in contact with your sewing machine or reader/writer unit. Hope this will help. dreamboat
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Dorothy McNutt
Thank you for your response. Do you know how to test a reader/writer? No one seems to know at the dealer or corporate help center.
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