Charter & (pointer to) FAQs

The newsgroup was created primarily
for the purpose of discussion related to working with
glass. In order to improve the mechanism whereby we
may do so without undue distraction, we, the netizens
of, do hereby ratify the amendments
incorporated into this charter.
The following topics, for example, clearly fall within
the scope of our stated purpose:
- the working of glass in any manner including
stained glass
neon and other luminous tube
kiln forming and fusing
flame-work and bead making
jewelry making
- equipment and tools
- techniques
- materials
- safety
- business issues
- announcements of conferences, classes, and shows

All discussions will be held in English. Posting in
other languages is allowed provided an English translation
is included.
Commercial announcements(*) will be permitted as
long as they are clearly marked as such in the subject
by the use of "FS:" "Ad:" or similar indication.
Such announcements must address events, goods, or
services specifically useful in one or more of the
pursuits listed above.
)An announcement is defined as a post regarding a single
event, or change. It does not include ongoing advertising.
Flame wars or personal attacks.
Posting articles in HTML.
Excessively long signatures, i.e., longer than 4
lines, per common usenet netiquette.
Binary content. (Instead, posts should contain
links to relevant binary content)
Articles cross-posted to a non-relevant group or to
more than three groups total.
Articles which contain less than 10% original content.
Posts which consist primarily of a signature file.
Announcements for events, or advertisements for
services or goods which have no relevance to the
Articles of a prurient or obscene nature.
Retromoderation in excess of usenet convention is
allowed only to enforce the provisions of this section.
FAQ articles will be maintained on two unrelated web
servers. The URLs of the topmost FAQ page will be
posted to the group twice a month along with this
FAQs for this group can be found at the following sites:
formatting link
formatting link
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