F/S: going through glass inventory SCRAP/STRIPS

I am going through about 1,000 pounds of mostly URO, BULLSEYE (not sorted
for COE90), YOGO and of course Spectrum. Spring cleaning my shop from about
25 years of lampshade making. Very little cathedrals, mostly opals, some
Will send broken odd sized pieces and ends
Will cut strips one inch by around 6 inches
Usually most cost effective to use USPS FLAT RATE BOXES
I also have about 40 pounds of 100+ year old textured clears from English
window repairs.
Been in Waldport, Oregon for about 30 years and using both PDX makers, and
have some beautiful one time runs (curious) of both URO and BULLSEYE.
Average price will be about $3.00 per pound PLUS SHIPPING
let me know here or use:
If you cannot substitute @ for at and . for dot ??????????
I have done this in the past one ebay (one of the first "scrap glass
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