Hi folks,
I'm about to build up sort of a glass documentation as a Wiki on
formatting link

The aim is to show as many aspects of that material and it's uses as
possible to provide a continouous resource of help and information.
All written articles must be produced by you, the author. Just copy and
paste from a ressource not your own is not allowed. The same applies to
provided pictures and photographs.
All the information gathered on would be in public domain
under the GNU Free Documentation Licence. I plan to make a, say monthly,
or if there is really much activity a weekly dump of the database free
available for everybody to download and use under the restrictions of the
previously mentioned GNU FDL.
At the moment the domain leads just to a newly set up page in german
language but that wiki script is capable of handling multilanguage
One of the best examples of a well working wiki would be
formatting link

So if you are interested in helping to provide that sort of resource on
glass I would be very happy to set up an english language namespace additional to
Diskussions on Articles could be held here in the usenet.
I know there is some good documentation around already but rather
widespread and hard to find. I'd like to help to keep it in one place so
that it could be used more efficiently. The cool thing then is that
anybody can supplement an existing Article with his own experiences by
just editing it.
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