leaded lamp molds, Blatant sales post

This is a post that is blatantly selling something to the only people that
may have an interest in the items and in saving money.
having said that.......
I am considering selling a great many of my Odyssey lamp molds.
I have a few duplicates, plus a great many designs that don't get built
very often.
the idea here is to save money for the purchaser and unload something I use
very seldom anymore.
IF anyone has an interest in a particular mold/pattern made by Odyssey, post
it, if I have it, I will sell it, below wholesale, and at a substantial
saving. We will figure out a way to do the deal, and along with the mold
and pattern comes a great deal of experience and tips for you, so if you are
a beginner, have no fear!!
It makes absolutely no sense for these things to be sitting here gathering
this is the only post I will make regarding these, if no interest here, then
I will send them off the ebay arena at an increased price. I am actually
trying to be considerate here to the people that frequent this group.
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Why not just post up the list of molds you have instead of someone having to ask for a specific mold and then being told either yes or no and than back and forth emails with hagling over price. Post the prices and let folks see what's what. You can sell anything on this ng as long as it's glass realated. Let folks know if you take Paypal or whatnot...
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Why, good idea!! I have darn near all the molds they make. Wait,I got an idea, you have a store, want to make a bulk purchase?
Nah, just jokin' with you, it is a good idea, I should just post the long list, no haggling, I'll put a low "this is it" price on it. might take a day or two, so if anyone has a specific mold and pattern they can't live without, post it up here.
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I sold all my lamp molds to a lamp making enthusiast years ago. He still has them all. If I were you I'd take a few pictures of the lot and do it on Ebay. A much wider audience in 1 week than you'll get in 10 years over here.
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you can easily have more in postage that you will actually receive for the molds.
I have also cleaned out about 20 or so forms that I did not use more then once.
Weight is minimal, but the size and zones can be expensive, remember gotta pack them too!!
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A good point, but as an Ebay veteran I can tell you that the buyer always pays the postage, whatever it is.
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The big Wisteria is really popular, but it's just not my type. Do you have the big dragonfly lamp? I want it. That lamp is my favorite of all of them. It sounds like a good winter project. They're pretty darned long here in Indiana, even the southern part.
I'll look at the patterns and see if there are some others I particularly favor.
Thank you, Michael
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I have 3 of them, one is yours, I'll look up a good price, but you will like it. Now if you find patterns smaller that can nest inside it for the box ride south, it will make the shipping that much easier, and you are where?
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