This falls under the heading of Reading Is A Good Thing with a
subheading of Read Carefully 2 Or Even 3 Times Before Starting.
I'm about 2/3 done with my current project, a Victorian house. I've
been working on the "trees" on the sides and am nearly done. I just
noticed last week that 2 symbols use the same blended threads and
thought, Huh. Didn't think too much about it because one was a half
cross and the other a full cross, so okay.
Then last night, as I was getting even closer to the end, I found out
that the half cross was supposed to be *3* strands, not 2. GRRRRR!
So, I spent the time I should have been nearly completing *all* the
trees going over the half crosses a 2nd time. Thankfully it wasn't on
the full crosses, because that would have been much harder and I
probably wouldn't have bothered.
And yes, I can tell a difference in the areas I have restitched, so I'm
glad in the end that I put in the effort.
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Joan Erickson
Joan, that would have been terrible if it had been full crosses so consider yourself lucky. LOL. I am close to the finish on my project and discovered a symbol that isn't listed so I had to do some guess work by looking at the photo and going from that. Sharon in MN
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What I determined to be the problem is that they just use the wrong symbol in that section for one they already had used for that color in another area. It worked out anyway so that is what counts. If not right no one will ever know. LOL Sharon in MN

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I find this to be a particular problem with Mill Hill cross stitch kits on perforated paper. Their patterns are done right, it's just that I forget to look at the "number of threads used" part. Now I try to remember to use a highlighter to highlight this detail, but sometimes my mind still skips rig ht over it. It is certainly a pain in the BUTT when it happens.
hugs, Violet
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Violet Stitches

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