Knitting patterns!

If you are a machine knitter or hand knitter there is a pattern for
you. You will also find cross stitch and needlework patterns for home
formatting link
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Do stop this !
This is the second time you have placed an ad in an ad free (or supposedly ad free) environment ! If you have something to sell do it on rec.crafts.textiles.marketplace - see the last word, 'marketplace' ??
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Feel better sweetie?? You know these a**holes take no notice of comments..just the fast and easy buck.
Oh well, it does feel better to vent. We have had a dead animal alongside the road by our neighborhood for 2 days (Jim saw it Sunday morning). It is big, (the body the length of a calf or foal)and I think a wild boar..not uncommon in this area of the state. Ran into the Secretary of our Board yesterday, and asked him about it. He commented the men had noticed it on the way to breakfast, and thought they might have a BBQ! . So I asked had the board, or ANYONE reported it?? The answer was no, not that he knew of. So, I called Animal Control, then the County and said just where it was etc. Today it was gone.
Why, oh why, can no-one DO anything?? Not my job, I guess.
Vent over, and off to bed.
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Gillian Murray
The answer is - sorry Bruce, Fred etc - you spoke to males - what did you expect ? One woman to change a light bulb that normally is a job that needs three men !
Ads make me mad - have you hit any web pages that have talking ads ?? It's so pervasive.
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I've no way of knowing -- I don't have speakers.
I unplugged them by mistake a few years ago and it took me a week to notice, so I never plugged them in again.
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Joy Beeson
lol that's funny ! I heard the first couple then altered my "options" on the virus/malware programme, so only hear what I want.
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