Off topic - Hurricane Flossie

For those that missed it, Hurricane Flossie (a Pacific Ocean hurricane) is
now a tropical storm. Since man (and woman) is now safe from her ire, we can
have some fun.
So who can invent the best pun??? With out stringing you along any further,
let the games begin.
(who still can't seem to hold anything in her left hand for more than a
minute or two)
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Cheryl Isaak
Cheryl Isaak ( writes:
I am sure rctners know me by now. Has anyone else noted that there are almost no hurricanes in the North Atlantic this year? We had a couple of "whale farts" in May, and Chantel, which became extra-tropical almost as soon as it was named. In 2005, the proponents of AGW said that the huge number of named storms was absolute proof the world was going to hell in a handbasket. I wonder what will be said of 2007 when Oct 31st rolls around.
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F.James Cripwell
On 12 Aug 2007 16:48:02 GMT, snipped-for-privacy@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (F.James Cripwell) opined:
I don't think the residents of Newfoundland would be so quick to dismiss it as a tropical storm, it did enormous damage to them.
Like Lucille, since I live in an area that could be affected, I am not quick to dismiss this season, anything can blow up at anytime, we have seen it all before.
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lucretia borgia
On 8/12/07 12:48 PM, in article f9ndk2$d6o$, "F.James
Jim, no gloom and doom - this for the the punsters.
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Cheryl Isaak
I don't know what They will say, but I will be ROFLMAOWTIMEWPIMP, laughing at Them.
We've set a couple records this summer for all-time lowest daily high, and just generally have been below average much of the summer. Can't prove Global Warming by me. This year, I loooooooove opening my electric bill, since I'm hardly paying anything for A/C.
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Karen C - California
And we have got your heat. 102F in the Big Easy today, when it should only be about 95 or so. grumble.
Olwyn Mary in New Orleans.
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Olwyn Mary
You're welcome to keep it. The less I send to the electric company, the more money I have for stash! :)
And with all these unplanned grandbabies arriving one after another, Auntie Karen needs more stash. I'm down to the last color on Tigger, and then the left side of the border, and then I can get Pooh & crew out of queue and start on Sesame Street.
And somewhere in there, I want to work on something grown-up! (I mean, besides proofreading work.)
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Karen C - California

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