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We've chatted in the past about keeping energized through the more "slogging" parts of a design - what I call the "eat your peas" part. I made myself a vow to sit 1/2 hour a day in the sunshine to do the itsy-bitsy over-1 lettering that is the "not fun" part of my piece, then I'll reward myself with the funner parts (dessert) of the design. (I work on other pieces at night when light isn't such a critical issue.)
I haven't done every single day - some days it's been cold/wet, other days just too busy - but doing more days than not. And happy to report that, while not done, I can definitely see progress. If I do 2-3 letters I consider it a good day. And having a good book to "read" on the mp3 player helps, too! (finished the Karen Cushman YA novel and moved on to Greg Iles). I'm on the last line of the Italian verse. And coincidentally studying some Italian arias with my voice teacher, so I feel quite immersed!
sue (slow and steady wins the race)
Susan Hartman
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