Rodgers Sterling and MOP embroidery kit

I recently aquired what I believe to be an antique embroidery kit, and
I know nothing about it. There is a leather case with red velvet
inside. There are small knives awls a thimble and other tools,
including gold tiped needles still in their original packets. The tools
all have ornately carved mother of pearl handles and the tools are
sterling sliver. Made by Rodgers? I was wondering if anyone has
information on this set and when it dates from. It looks like it was
very expensive for it's time and is in beautiful condition. There are
some words on the blades and tools that say "England" and "Her Majesty"
and "His Majesty". Any thoughts?
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On 5/4/06 2:46 PM, in article
Sound positively lovely. Try looking on Ebay for something similar. I've tried looking locally for antique stitching bits and have no luck as of yet.
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Cheryl Isaak

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