Sassy Sayings for Dolly Mama's by Joey

Hey everyone! I'm not sure how many of you belong to my group on
Facebook, but
I just wanted to tell everyone about an awesome contest
that our sponsor,
(Janlynn) is running. It's the Dolly Mama by Joey
contest to see who can come up
with the next "Dollyism". I'm quite the
smart-alec, and I know lots of you gals
are spunky and creative. Very
fun!!! Janlynn has shared a few of the entries
with me so far...LMAO.
formatting link
, or my Heart of Cross Stitch group
on fb for
details. $1400.00 in prizes and super easy to enter.
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Molly Cruise
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Note that to enter via email, you have to purchase a kit from them. If you don't purchase, then you have to send via US mail and pay for a stamp!
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Susan Hartman

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