searching for a xs pattern

I had found a pattern for a female karate participant that would have
been ideal for my purposes. Sadly, the pattern is no longer available
from Corner Judge Martial Arts. The person there said it was from a
designer named Denise (Denise's Designs) but she thought they were no
longer in business. Does anyone have this pattern they would be
willing to sell me, or does anyone know who Denise might be? The
figure is in a "kicking" position (don't know the proper term). She
is a realistic portrayal, not "cartoonish." On the website where I
found her I believe she was depicted as having auburn hair in a
ponytail. TIA jbeth
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(Hope I'm doing this correctly) Thanks for the information--however, I think this is not the "Denise" I am seeking. Denise DeRusha seems to be designing painted canvases for needlepoint, not cross-stitch and not the realistic style of the karate woman.
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On Wed, 4 Feb 2009 13:54:08 -0800 (PST), jbeth opined:
Many designers do more than one thing. Cross stitch and needlepoint patterns relate easily to each other, I have used cross stitch patterns sometimes for needlepoint. Also sometimes perhaps a designer will do things like the karate woman for a specific person, maybe her own child, though her leaning is not in that genre at all in the normal way. Why not email and check it out ?
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lucretia borgia
On 2/4/09 5:48 PM, in article,
I agree - it is worth asking. If it isn't her, she might know who the designer is.
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Cheryl Isaak

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