Stitchville USA and new photos!

I finally did it...hubby drove me 2.5 hours to the very first Needlework Sh
op I've ever been in. I about died of happiness! Stichville USA is in Minne
tonka, MN and was pretty hard to find, as it's hidden in the corner of an e
xtensive complex of strip malls. The place is HUGE and stocked with everyth
ing stitchy you could ever dream of. I was at first so overwhelmed I could
only wander around in a daze, but after some time the layout of the store m
ade more sense to me. I had a blissful shopping experience which lasted for
over two hours.
Mostly I purchased fabrics of all different counts and colors, many of them
beautiful opalescents I've never seen before. The selection was incredible
I was also blown away by the sheer number of stitched models they had there
. When you shop online you can't tell from the photo what things REALLY loo
k like, so I discovered some new designers I love. One was Nora Corbett for, her stuff looks much more spectacular in real life than i
n photos. I bought two of her smaller charts that aren't full coverage patt
erns, because my damaged hands just aren't up to full coverage. "Mermaid Ve
rde" and "Cupid" the reindeer were the two I chose. They're beautiful with
many embellishments.
The other brand I was impressed by is called The Sweetheart Tree. When you
see pics of these designs online they look very unexciting, but Stichville
had models of them displayed. My goodness there was so much sparkle and bli
ng I couldn't resist...sparkly fabric, sparkly threads, and sparkly beads a
ll in one place! I purchased "Potpourri Heart" and "Tulip Welcome". Unfortu
nately this brand is very expensive. The charts were $25 each, and they're
SMALL had some threads and beads included and the other one di
There was one mistake I made; I bought some wool felt patterns for needle b
ooks and then totally forgot to get the actual wool fabric while I was ther
e. Oops! Guess I'll just have to go back to Stitchville again. ;)
I uploaded a few new pics at the RCTN photo page (my album is called Violet
Stitches' Projects) if anyone is interested:
formatting link

Happy Stitching to everyone on this gorgeous spring day.
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Violet Stitches
So glad you finally made it there, Violet!!! Sounds like heaven. I have yet to make it there. DH doesn't ever want to go to stitch shops and Minnetonka is too far from where my Sis-in-law lives, so I don't feel comfy asking her to go with me, aside from the fact she's only a knitter and not a stitcher.
Sounds like you made some great purchases, too! Lucky you!!!
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Joan Erickson
Ooooo, I had an idea for the Mermaid! What about doing her lower body in satin floss? That would give it a real sheen!!! I have a bunch of it if you want to try some.
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Joan Erickson

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