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OT-completely about weather
I just came in from getting my newspaper and there was no water falling down and this big, bright, yellow blob way up in the sky. What's happening to my world?. Is global warming kicking in and drying...
11 years ago 4
Re: Animal talk
"Jangchub" wrote There are weird engravings of cameleopards, made to look like the name rather than like the actual beast. Dawne
11 years ago
Just wondering, what continent do we all live on?
Me, The Americas. Me, the Australias. Me too (the North Americas that is). MargW Me three but at the opposite end. The Southern part of North America. Lucille I live in ASIA mirjam I'm in the UK I'm...
11 years ago 18
tiny pictograms in xst
between other works etc, i embroider tiny pictograms , that i later add to my bigger works,, it is fun and uses up small left over canvass. mirjam The witch rides her broom sideways , like a proper...
11 years ago 2
Annoying Symbols
Can someone tell me the reason why charts have to have symbols that look so much alike so bloody close together. It's frustrating for sure. I'm working on a rather big project and intermixed among the...
11 years ago 22
EGA seminar in Louisville
A bunch (gaggle, herd, pod, coven, etc.) of us stitchers (side note: most, if not all, are computer using grammies) from East Tennessee will be heading to Louisville, KY, for the national seminar in...
11 years ago 3
OT Fay
I mentioned NeedleDelights the other day. Aside from my frequent contact with Kathy there, the shop is a mile or two from an old friend who keeps me updated on their weather. According to my friend,...
11 years ago 1
Icelandic Wool Available
Hello fellow fiber folk... I know this is the needlework group; but, I thought folks might want to know we have Icelandic wool available for sale. We have clean raw or processed rovings available....
11 years ago
Keep this up
Tthis is an occasional time that I can check with rctn.,.. It is fun to check the posts, but using Google does not make it much fun..We should be home In Florida around the end of Septembver, then I...
11 years ago 8
If you are dkfhry please ask to join again, stating this is where you heard about this group. Who or what is dkfhry? I am new to the group,and found this group online thur a search. Thank you Barbara...
11 years ago 3
cross stitch question
I have a cross stitch pattern that tells me "stitches per color not skeins. How can I figure how many stitches I can get out of a skein of floss.(DMC)8.7 yards 11,665 stitches of color Thank you,...
11 years ago 2
super stash
I stand in, absolute awe.... On 8/20/08 10:50 AM, in article Hey Brat, she's got more yarn than you.... Cheryl Yes, yes, she does and more power to her. I'm actually working on offloading...
11 years ago 34
Michael's coupon
Print out as many as you'd like! through Aug. 30 cheers, Sue (but what I don't understand is "reproductions not accepted"....huh? Print out as many as you need on a printer, but don't photocopy?) I...
11 years ago 5
Will I get to stitch today???
Yesterday was all kinds of madness and I haven't had a chance to pick up a needle since Sunday. But the house work needs doing and the garden is calling too..... But we are 80% ready for back to...
11 years ago 240
Anne, I think this is right up your alley!
says... are hereby awarded an RCTN Codependent Enabler Badge 2nd level... t'would've been a first if I had to track and buy down more than just the little doll. Always pleased to oblige :)
11 years ago 2