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(*&@#% Celebration of Needlework LOUSY customer Service
Well, Janet and I are officially P.O.'d at the people at Celebration of Needlework!!! We both faxed in our registration/membership forms the first week (that was week of 15 June). The registration...
12 years ago 3
Source for wood boxes?
I have 2 embroidered pieces that I'd like to mount as box tops: 1 aprox 3inches square 1 aprox . 9in by 12 inches Any help in locating sources for purchasing boxes will be appreciated. I've ordered...
12 years ago 2
Hey Gillian!
Don't know if you've seen this or not, but when I did I immediately thought of you and your RV! That is really cute! From 1993-97 the RV WAS our only home. In fact "Home is where we park it!" was our...
12 years ago 1
Canvas size calculator
I'm thinking about converting this: 18 count mono canvas. Is the canvas size going to be the same as 18 count fabric? thanks! Linda !8 threads to the inch is the same for both canvas and linen. Nice...
12 years ago 5
Last night after work and needing to stop at the grocery store, I got home to a very sweet sight. DD was sitting on the floor cross legged watching the ballgame....... STITCHING Cheryl On Sun, 27 Jul...
12 years ago 17
Warming -- enabler alert
I don't remember how I landed on this site but I'm glad I did: 'm very, very, very tempted to buy some of the fabric blocks. says...
12 years ago 1
Re: piecing the snail purse
ALICIA this looks BETTER than i thought , i was surprised that you added the snails as Post stamps on the bag !!! VERY VERY GOOD mirjam Alicia , i really enjoy your blog , you have wonderful ideas, a...
12 years ago 1
OT: Prayer Request
A good friend's 23 y/o son was hit by a drunk driver and is now in ICU with head injuries. She's severely disabled, and relies on him for a lot of assistance. Today's report: ?Went to see Matt. He was...
12 years ago 5
summer sampler
I tried to reply to your note but was rejected by the server. If the sampler is the one from MLI, I would love to have it. Lucille You can answer me on lzolty at comcast dot net I have Winter Sampler,...
12 years ago 5
Anyone want Winter Sampler?
I have about two hours left and I'll be finished with this, FINALLY! I looked at Summer Sampler and I don't think the colors would go with my MIL's home. Whoever wants it, reply here first and whoever...
12 years ago 5
Gratuitous tip & question
At a recent EGA meeting, someone gave me about 2 years' worth of Soft Dolls and Animals magazine. On a good day, my machine and I might be able to complete a simple body but I will never have the...
12 years ago 10
A visit - rapidly tossed together and much enjoyed
Well, with Gillian so close (actually, she will remain so close for bit), some sort of gathering had to be arranged, which was yesterday. (I'll try and arrange another so we can have more folks.) Now...
12 years ago 5
Re: Free to good home
Your email bounced. Donna On Thu, 24 Jul 2008 10:22:28 -0400, "Donna D." opined: Nothing unusual there, comcast seems to get the hates on for other ISPs from time to time. Try again in a few hours.
12 years ago 1
Re: Free to good home
I will take those if you still have them. Donna D
12 years ago
Re: Wash Day is done!
There are times I just HAVE to get to a shop even though I don't really need a single thing, and that is when I generally decide I really should pick up another thimble . . . "Mary" wrote I think this...
12 years ago 5