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Silk 'n' Colors
Anyone have some extra Thread Gatherer's Silk 'n Colors floss in colors 096 (Golden moss) and 121 (Espresso creme) that they'd like to sell me? This floss is really expensive (I've seen prices from...
5 years ago 4
click button on ott light
I have a desk lamp from Ott light. Model #pl9768. The click button to turn it on kept sticking and last night it completely stopped. I took apart the base and looked inside. It looks like an easy fix,...
5 years ago
Finished "Morning Song" tonight!!!! (twirling around, jumping up and down. waving my arms in the air!!) Started August 26, 2014, finished February 2 7, 2015. Six months almost to the day! Next...
5 years ago 5
How did I find you again!
Holy smokes! All I was doing was looking for a movie and where and then my fingers switched to something else and then something else - and Voila! I spotted RCTN! Oh my heavens! How much this group...
5 years ago 6
Does any one have the instructions to Carrot Top Girl Pillow Kit #7957
I purchased this kit off of someone who thought it was all there and after I received it, the instructions are missing.
5 years ago
Eyes -- an update
I got my fancy new "old man" glasses two days ago. Progressive lenses. Fanc ier than no-line bifocals, but they follow the same idea. So far so good on general usage about town, although I just...
5 years ago 2
iyears ago and just brought it out. The pattern is all torn I started a Elsa Williams cross Stitch pattern called Tulps and Ribbons
I started a Elsa Williams cross Stitch pattern called Tulips and Ribbon years ago and just brought it out. The pattern is all torn up. i don't want to buy a whole kit again. Do you know where I can...
6 years ago 2
At the ripe young age of 46, my eyesight is getting problematic. Hard to se e the small stuff. If I take off my glasses, I can hold my work real close and see the holes BETTER than with my glasses;...
6 years ago 7
Re: Birthdays
Sorry but I am not on FB but would like to send my greetings to them. It is my 79th birthday this coming Sunday Jan.11th. Hugs Shirley
6 years ago
New Years Eve Stashing
The Strawberry Sampler had a 20% off all instock at the store. I went New Year's Eve morning and picked up some charts, threads, and fabric. Heart in Hand "February" and "March" charts Plum Street...
6 years ago 1
Wishing you...
...all a very Happy New Year! Be responsible and safe and enjoy yourselves tonight! Have a very Happy New Year yourself! Wishing you health, Love and happiness in the new year, oh and lots and lots of...
6 years ago 2
I'd like to wish all of you and your families a most wonderful Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/whatever you celebrate. Relax and enjoy yourselves and give thanks for the many gifts we have received....
6 years ago 5
Needlework poem
If you don't get DMC's newsletter, there's a cute version of 'Twas the night before Christmas on there:
6 years ago
Holiday Greetings!
Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate it! :-) Liz from Humbug A belated one to you & DH, too! We had to cancel our turkey day. DGS was sick, so they cancelled and then I got sick, too (too...
6 years ago 1
Graph paper program
I once had a very small program to make graph paper of any size...all you had to tell it was how many blocks per inch, or cm. I can't find them anymore. I believe the company was named...
6 years ago 2