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I am living in the Durham NC area and looking for a pottery wheel for my
wife's anniversary present. She was a ceramics major in college, so I want
something that is good enough for a skilled potter. Anyone have any
suggestions on type/manufacturer/stores to buy from? I'd also be interested
in looking for a used one if I knew where to find it.
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Alan & Marti
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I bought the Shimpo RK Whisper and I like it a lot. Bennett pottery has the cheapest prices I have found. You can on occasion see used wheels on EBay but I have never been impressed with the prices.
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Lucky lady! What a great gift! Hope you figure it out!
Marianne (who got a wheel for her christmas present from hubby)
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I would suggest you try to find out what wheel she used in college, assuming it wasn't terribly long ago. One potter's advice is to buy the wheel you learned on and it makes sense. Having said that, it isn't something I did & I have been quite satisfied. I bought a Pacifica from Nevada Dan's.
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's always been helpful and I highly recommend him.Gaye, San Antonio
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snipped-for-privacy@aol.com (GaSeku) writes:
As long as it was a wheel you liked. I learned on a really noisy, sloppy Schimpo with a really nasty pedal, and a kickwheel that was at best designed for someone under 5' tall. Once I moved on from that studio, I was much happier. :)
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Richard Kaszeta
i use brent wheels. very good strong wheels.
a friend found that actually buying a wheel direct from the manufacturer & having it shipped was cheaper then paying sales tax at the local clay equipment suppliers.
steve graber
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