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magnesium carbonate ( light).
I am looking for a source of magnesium carbonate (light). It is not sold in the UK anymore as it is a health hazard, the particles are very light and airbourne. If anyone does have a supply, I would...
14 years ago 1
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14 years ago
Nice piece....anyone know the signature?
14 years ago
Reduction firing?
Is it very complicated? I have a "normal" electric kiln now, and not very much space for anything new, unless it were put outside. I am very much into using non-poisonous stuff (especially since my...
14 years ago 23
Presentation: Arte Mixtlán / Sculptors Terra-cotta polychrome
Presentation: New ArtWork Prehispanic Contemporay. Sculpture Terra-cotta Polychrome, gold & marble. Culture: Olmec, Maya, Mixtec & Aztec. Sculptors: Jose Luis Varela Gardu=F1o Juan Carlos Varela...
14 years ago
kiln fired!
i FIANLLY got the big beast filled & fired up! got great colors. lots of cool pots. ya steve Hi Steve, Well congratulations, what a great job. How long did it take to fire up?? how much reduction??...
14 years ago 7
handmade potter's tools
The original edition "Handmade Potter's Tools" by Witford and Wong recommends soaking handmade wooden tools in oil for 1 to 2 weeks or coating with Creosote. Does the new 2004 edition of the book...
14 years ago
[ AD ] pottery videos for rent, online, delivered by mail
I hope you'll forgive a brief plug: I manage the video library at Technical Video Rental. We're now in our third year of renting out instructional and craft videos online, and delivering them via...
14 years ago 5
Anagama firing
Some of you might be interested in this. Even photos of my pot in it :) In the photo that Alan named nice ones mine is on the right. I keep waiting for the link..... Oh heck its gone back to the...
14 years ago 7
Making clay caves for aquarium fish...
Hello, I'm an aquarist, and many fish like to live or breed in shelters, referred to as 'caves'. Normally shattered plant-pots or terracotta tubes are used, like this... it would be very useful to be...
14 years ago 4
Hi all, hope you are all well.I'm looking to buy a kiln,as i'm working from my home it has to be on a anyone recommend a good place to buy from,i'm in north Sam. Hi all, hope you are all well.I'm...
14 years ago 1
under glazes
Hi all I am new to using under glazes, just use to sculptural items with oxides. what I need is to achive a air brush and hand painted feel ,no glazes. but need it to be permenant (if thats how you...
14 years ago 3
FA: Schauer and Blythe jewellery & glass fusing enamel...99c per ounce
Schauer and Blythe jewellery & glass fusing enamel...99c per ounce I'm offering 50 ounces of the above in mixed form and colors starting at only $49.50 for the lot. is a great bargain. regards Sean
14 years ago
Help Replacing my Travel Mug?
My favorite wide base ceramic travel mug (I've used it daily for about 20 years) got bumped and is showing some cracks, so I fear it's not long for this world. really like it because I can use a...
14 years ago 11
new raku
we just had another raku party last night. too bad most everyone on this site is too far away to have been there... maybe one day? ya steve Hi Steve, very nice, I love your copper red colours, and Mrs...
14 years ago 4