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Please wish me luck
HI all, I'm in the process of moving my studio some 300 miles, from my home in the Midlands UK to a harbourside village in South Cornwall. Lease contracts got signed yesterday and we aquire the...
14 years ago 8
FA: Schauer and Blythe jewellery enamel and glass $2 per ounce great colors
please see photo's and description at: Sean
14 years ago
flickr photos
anyone started messing with the yahoo-flickr picture thing? if you upload pictures, you can pass people links, or on yahoo webpages show them easily. i was looking around & if you add a key word *tag*...
14 years ago
Mingei isn't Just About Brown!
Check out this Dai Mukozuki (originally for serving food in tea ceremony.) It has blue inlay and red/yellow/green enamel decoration: I didn't post earlier about it. Have been busy with visitors...
14 years ago
Feedback Please
My name is David. My wife and I have started a new website - We hope it is beneficial to anyone involved in crafts! Please check it out, register for the contest and let us know what you think....
14 years ago 2
Tapping to center
I am new to clay and wheels and right now trying to learn to tap to center, this morning while practicing and somewhat struggling with it, I thought that tapping it with a stick in place of my hand...
14 years ago 12
Cone 04 -06 clay bodies
Are there any favorite low fire (cone 04 - 06) clay body recipes out there that someone would like to share. Your response would be apprieciated. That would depend on what you're going to be using...
14 years ago 5
pugmill and paper clay
Hello, Can you please tell me if I can pug paper clay with pugmill (in this case Venco 87 mm)? Paper for this clay is mainly toilet paper (very soft) or news paper mixed with clay slip and then dried...
14 years ago 2
website for alex
Not for the fainthearted! Sorry about last post - Outlook Express took control! Thanks for the Origami link anyway I was sending it to a grandson.
14 years ago 1
i know this gang will like this link. it has MANY folded shapes, and even the flat page showing creases. you're on your own though to figure out just what order to do the folds... ya steve Hey Steven...
14 years ago 3
Anagama firing
Hey we had our firing and unloaded the kiln on Sunday. Here is the loading and some of the stokers can see one of my pots on the bottom shelf right in the middle. It was well fired - a bit too well...
14 years ago
Handmade Mini Custom Sculpture from your photo
Hi! We will make custom miniature sculpture that just look like you from your photo. It takes 7 - 9 days to produce and 4 - 5 days to deliver. Great for special occasions: =B7 Birthday Gifts =B7...
14 years ago
Greenbaum pottery
Fox posted this at clayart and I had to share for those of you who might have missed it.
14 years ago
Preventing marks in sculptures?
The question is posted here, thanks for any help: The best way is to stop them occuring in the first place. Try vibrating, tapping , knocking,etc, your mould just after pouring the cement. This should...
14 years ago 3
Re: haha,i love you!??????????????
I don't know about the rest of the group, but, all I can see is gibberish and some small icons around the page. No way I could navigate it. Good luck in any case
14 years ago