CNN 5 yrs after Katrina

After watching CNN for several hours report on the Gulf coast 5 years
after Katrina I was wondering if our on-the-spot reporters who lived
through the storm could give us a personal report. Are your
communities functioning again? Or maybe the question should be were
they functioning again before the oil spill created a new disaster?
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Susan Laity Price
Ambivalent. I think that's the word. We survived 12 hours of 90 mph winds. Three weeks with no roads, no power, no water. Helicopters flying over endlessly rushing medical emergencies out. We were not victims; survivors. Our family will be forever indebted to rctq and the Canadian law officers and the Florida Highway patrol ( on 3-wheelers) and the pennies from the Methodist Church 3 year-olds that bought diapers. That list is endless. We respond to others in crisis every chance we get. The Halloween where far-away folks brought treats and formed a circle at the highway so our little guys could trick or treat by only their vehicles headlights. We think that our DD and DSIL will get to move back into a home with inside walls before Christmas. We won't live long enough to see the beauty of our lands come back. And anger. Just today, there was a report where someone quite indignant had filed a claim with BP for $ 4,000 because she couldn't recreational fish for 3 months. The poor you have with you always. Jesus might have added, " And the scum". We mourn. We limp. We survive . . . and we will be forever thankful for the goodness of friends and strangers who gave or prayed or helped. Polly
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Polly Esther
Well Susan 5 years ago today I was sitting in Ft. Payne Alabama, tired and hungry from all the driving I had done. I left South Mississippi early the morning before because I saw what was coming, thanks to NOAA and the buoy reports they sent out. As I watched the reports I realized I could be homeless. The governor closed all roads back into Mississippi so I headed north just ahead of the storm.
I watched all the news reports everyday and trying to get through by phone to my neighbors that didn't leave. We were on the west side of the eye of the storm. When I got back home a month later I had no electricity, phone, gas or water. I stocked my van up with water, an ice chest full of food and a charcoal grill. I had to sleep in my van the first night. It was still hot and humid that first week of October, but luckily I only lost my beautiful trees, a shed with my lawn mower and my fence. I lost all my food and some appliances but was very lucky compared to my neighbors.
Once the roads opened up I went to the coast to see the damage and was shocked at the damage. The bridge over the St. Louis Bay was gone. It looked like it was ripped from its foundations. Whole forests were destroyed. Today the forests are coming back, most homes have been rebuilt and most stores are back and operating as usual. But Katrina is still a topic of discussion almost on a daily basis even after 5 years. Most small businesses have never returned including the LQS along the coast. Many friends and neighbors have never returned. As we go into the height of the hurricane season, we all go about our daily lives with an ear to the radio and a watchful eye on the skies.
As for the oil spill, it finally closed my favorite fish house. The man I hired to help mow my yard is an unemployed engineer who worked on the oil rigs. He cuts grass now for a living.
One thing I must say, our beaches are clean and the waters a without oil. The fishermen are now back out on the waters bringing in some of the best tasting shrimp and crabs I've ever had. If any of you want to spend the last days of summer at the beach, come on down. The motel rates are very reasonable, the food is great and the beaches are just beautiful.
Kate T. South Mississippi
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Kate T.
thanks to both Polly and Kate for their reports. I always remember Polly's story about Halloween by never saw anything about it on TV. You should send the story to CNN or someone. It is one of the good stories from the crisis. So many of those interviewed this week said that they only have survived or rebuilt because of the volunteers. They commented on how the volunteers continue to return to the area even five years later. That is one of the good parts of America.
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Susan Laity Price
What beautiful and sad and wonderful stories.
I think of my American friends so often...the anniversary of Katrina always brings tears to my eyes, and I still wonder at the seeming ineptitude of governments in such crises.
In Pakistan close to 20 million are affected by the floods, and what government COULD be prepared for that?
At the university where I teach we have a new (ish) programme on the management of emergency response teams. The purpose is to train senior emergency responders to coordinate their teams more effectively in a crisis.
One thing we know for sure...on the ground, in the early days, or perhaps longer, it is one person helping another. (LOVE the Halowe'en story!)
I'll be praying and keeping my eyes on CNN for the next few days. Earl is currently headed straight for Nova Scotia (where I spent the first 12 years of my lfe).
Blessings, all.
Lynne in Toronto
On Aug 28, 11:34=A0pm, Susan Laity Price wrote:
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lynne in toronto
I felt very sad. Sad that the survivors have endured so much yet too many,(mainly red tape people) are dragging their feet STILL! A lot have not returned to area because of the gov't slow actions. I'm not sure I would want to return after living through this. But certainly if it was their HOME and they want to return there should have been more help. It's sad that I can't do anything more then lip service and prayers! But I do still pray for those effected by Katrina. Those that did stay and rebuild deserve the world's largest HERO cookie! Not only are they survivors, but they have the strength of Hero's! I am truly thankful for their inspiration! Thanx for sharing Polly. Take Care joanna
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