HELP with Brother Innovis 4500D embroidery

Can't find my book in English, only French and I don't read french. I am
embroidering a design and I think my bobbin is empty but can't remember how
to change the bobbin with the hoop in place. Also I lost some stiches with
the embroidery and can't remember what to push to get the program back to a
previous place to pick up the stitching again. Can anybody please help,
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What Can I Say
Hello W.C.I.S. (Sounds like a new TV Show!) Neither do I read French. Furthermore, I do not have a Brother machine. So, I am no help! The only thing I can suggest is to take a chocolate break!
Also, I'd like to say Welcome to the Land of RCTQ. We have fun here, no moderator, no rules. The only thing you really need to know is that it is very wise to have your chocolate vetted. Just send a pound or two to the Office of the Official Chocolate Taster of RCTQ, which is in my Palace here in Virginia. I will test and taste and report back via email. You don't have to thank me ... this is my unselfish volunteer duty in RCTQ. A tough job, but someone's gotta do it. :)
Pat In Virginia/USA
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Pat in Virginia
I have the Brother Innovis 8000 I think. I does the alphabet but very primarily. So not sure I can help. Mine has a drop in bobbin. I can change the bobbin with work under the foot but it's not easy at all. I would phone your local brother dealer and ask. I love my Brother! Good Luck Joanna
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Well, Ruby. You are so smart. Will you be able to guide us to 'some assembly required' on all the Christmas presents? Polly
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Polly Esther
You can remove the hoop without moving the whole embroidery unit. Change bobbin, and put the hoop back on. Gen
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LOl! probably not depends. I have put together play houses and bikes and kitchen sets for the grandkids but thats it. LOL! I only know about the Brother having manual to download because I just got a new on about a month ago. ruby
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Thanks for the help ladies. I did find out that I can remove the hoop, change the bobbin, put the hoop back on and still be in the same place on the embroidery. I also found the little icons that let me go back a few or a lot of stitches and I can go back a whole colour change. My dealer doesn't open again until Tues. so it would have been a long wait. I took classes but it is so hard to remember. I have downloaded the book (English) but I really must find my own. Thanks again, L
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What Can I Say
I believe all brother manuals are available from download from their website. Try this:
formatting link
PATCHogue, NY Queen of Boxtops
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