I've been busy.......

Hi, all! I have been reading the group on a fairly regular basis but since I
got my new long-arm quilting machine...well, all my extra time has been
eaten up! I have been practicing and quilting my quilts and the quilts of my
already established customer base (my friends!). I have put some new photos
is my webshots album. Please take a look.........
I have been sewing bindings on some quilted placemats I made (I should put
those in my album too) and on a quilt I recently quilted (oops, that one
too!) but other than that, I haven't been at my dsm. :-(
This weekend, however, I am going on a retreat with my Twisted Stitchers
group to Mt Shasta City! I am excited about that! A local to California
teacher, Linda Ballard, is doing a double, double mystery with us. What is a
"double, double" mystery, you ask? Well, it's where she chooses the quilt
pattern, and the fabric AND cuts it for us. Now that is a wonderful
retreat!!!!!! We just bring our machines and we sew all weekend. It is held
in a local shop (Sew Unique) so we can shop any time we want. Heaven in a
beautiful setting!
I have been praying and dancing with all of you and I still am enjoying
reading the group.....
Laurie G. in CA
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Laurie G.
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Gosh, I guess you *have* been busy! It looks like it must be lots of fun, though.
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Thanks! I am loving this longarm!
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Laurie G.
It is ~so~ much fun! I am working on a wallhanging now that I made a long time ago from scrap blocks. I am playing with new thread and new stitch technique.......what a blast!
Laurie G. in CA
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Laurie G.
I'll have to piggy back on this message. Great quiting! Your designs and design decisions are wonderful! Congratulations, you have a career in longarming ahead of you if you want it!
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