June Tailor Shape Cut question

I have been watching Eleanor Burns and noticed she used a ruler with
slots in it to cut strips. I looked on her website and it is a June
Tailor Shape Cut, but there is a Shape Cut and Shape Cut Plus, which
is larger (12x18) as opposed to 12x12, and has slots every 1/4 inch
rather than every 1/2 inch. The price differential is about 10
dollars. My question is, does anyone have one of either ruler, and do
you like it, and which do you think is better. I got some money for
Christmas, and am trying to stretch it as far as possible for quilting
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My question is, does anyone have one of either ruler, and do
I have the 1/2" one and it is so-so. I consider it wasted money frankly......it is just as easy to cut with a regular ruler.
Sorry for the bad news..........
Happy shopping!
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Lenore L
ditto I have one but have only used it once briefly when it first arrived years ago. Even my classes continue to cut with regular rulers in preference. YMMV
If you really want to spend on a tool to help with cutting, I did get one new gadget last year that I really like -
a Gypsy Gripper
formatting link
formatting link
(here from Planet Patchwork NAYY). This thing (I was gonna say "This sucker" lol) really STICKS, and the handle is very comfortable. I bought it with one of my students in mind (she had hand grip problems) but I would use this myself for any really serious cutting sessions. When I can't decide what to get with a gift voucher I stock up on (maybe unusual) threads or blades for my rotary cutter. I already have every cutting template known to the quilting universe lol and realistically, many of them will never be used.
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I have used one for almost 4 years now and I love mine. I use it every chance I can. I like the fact that you can line up the ruler over the fabric you can cut several strips before having to move on and line up everything again. It speeds up the process. I am not the world's greatest rotary cutter so this helped my acuracy immensely. Donna inNWONtario
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I have the one with the 1/2" slots & when I remember to use it, I'm really glad I have it - however, if I had known there was one with 1/4" slots, I would have bought it, so I'll be on the lookout for it now. To me, it makes cutting strips much faster. You don't have to keep lifting up & repositioning your ruler. I will be interested to see other's comments, since Lenore & I have opposing viewpoints about it:) I think I got mine at TSWLTH with a coupon, so if you have a JoAnns nearby, try to buy it there. NAYY
Pauline Northern California
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I have one, prefer to use my ruler. Getting the blade into the slot takes more time than running the blade along a ruler, IMHO!
Donna in Idaho
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Donna in Idaho
I'm with Donna. Getting the blade into the slot slows me down. If you go too fast, you can ding a blade and they cost too much to be careless. Polly
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Polly Esther
I find the Shape Cutter very handy when cutting multiple strips from the same fabric.
One thing to remember, if you use Shape Cutter for some fabric in a quilt, you should use it for ALL. Switching back and forth from ruler to Shape Cutter will result in strips of varying widths. Not a huge difference in each strip, but can result in a large cumulative error.
p.s. As a matter of fact, just the way you use a ruler can result in differing strips. Use the markings on the ruler or use the markings on the mat to line up the ruler? Pick one, test your results and stick with what works for you!
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joan8904 in Bellevue Nebraska
I concur. I used one at a retreat/quilt camp and those of us who were there all agreed it was even worth paying full price for it. I have seen them at Wal-Mart. Better to use that 40/50% off coupon at TSWLTH. I have one of my own now! Bonnie, in Middletown, VA
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Bonnie Patterson
I have the JT Shape Cut in two sizes: 12" by 12" cutting at 1/2" intervals 12" wide by 6" high at 1/4" intervals
I use both. The first gets lots of use. The second one, not so much because it allows smaller area to cut. I DO use it for sub cutting narrower strips. I would buy this in a wider size, if available. I would definitely replace the larger one if it wore out. Of course, in either case, I want to get it on sale, with a generous coupon! ;)
NAYY, just my opinion. Pat in Virginia
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Pat in Virginia
I am happy with mine, altho I resisted buying one for years. And I have a friend I taught to quilt who has trouble cutting because of shaky hands. We found she could accurately cut her own strips using this product. hugs Memere Neets
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Memere Neets

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