met up with Debbie

Had a great day meeting up wiith Debbi. Met at M&L fabrics in Buena
Vista and got some bargains!
thanks, Deb for terrific conversation and pizza!! We must do that
again! Ginger and Taria...please join us next time!
now to get ready for Halloween Party! (i'm not going but getting "the
kids" ready!
amy in SoCal
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Amy in Transit...
Sorry I have not responded sooner. Setting up for the elections and working all day really took its toll. We were in Buena Park. Buena Vista is the home of the Disney studios-- a fun place to go if you ever get a pass to get on the lot.
Amy is a blast to meet. We had a fantastic time with our Stash Enhancement Exercise day. I got a bunch of green flannels to make a rag quilt in sorority colors. We then enjoyed a wonderful pizza.
Anyone else coming out to So CA? We both would love another excuse to head back over to M & L's. It has been ages since I have been there. I was pleasantly surprised by the increase in the amount of brand name fabrics they had this time.
Debbi in SO CA
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