New to me sewing machine

My mom recently upgraded to a new Janome, which means I got her used,
well maintained Janome 6125. It is definitely the nicest machine I
have ever had. I have only had a chance to do straight-line sewing so
far for a novelty print quilt I am working on for DH, but what a
pleasant machine it seems to be to work with. I don't think I will
miss my White.
Just wanted to share my enjoyment of a my new machine.
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Congratulations, Heidi! That's a wonderful way to get a new-to-you machine. :) As for your White, I once had a White, and I considered it the SM from h***. LOL!
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I have never named a sewing machine before, I will have to ponder that. As Sandy said, the White was the sewing maching from h-e-double hockey sticks, so I never called it anything nice.
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