Not A Ripping Good Time

Lesson learned: when the sewing machine is acting up and producing
odd quilting, stop and take it in for diagnosis and reapir.
I have spent more time than I want to recall ripping out a LOT of
poorly formed machine stitched motifs in a quuen sized quilt. It was
clear that there was trouble when I put them in but apparently I was
not engaging in good quality control (I was at retreat, not a grat
excuse but the best I've got).
The good news: my bobbin case has been replaced. The bad motifs are
all GONE and the deadline for this gift moved 3 months in my favor.
Oh, and I have significantly practiced my ripping skills.
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Mary in Rock Island IL
Ripping skills are good to have. Many times when I've had a new stitcher come through in hysterics, step one is to take out the @#$! mess she's made. ( That was putting it very politely.) Many times I've carefully, gently removed the offending threads while she has a cup of tea, dose of Valium, whatever it took to calm her highly offended delicate sensibilities. When I was only four years old, my dear granny made everything right for me. She had fine ripping skills. It is a gift you can give to someone in great distress. Meanwhile, when you can; buy a spare bobbin case. I'm thinking mine was less than $30 and is almost as helpful as a new sharp needle. Polly
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Polly Esther
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I feel for you, Mary! As Polly said, though, ripping is a fine skill to have. And why is it so much less difficult to rip out someone else's mistakes than our own?
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