OT, but not totally: another Amazon gift certificate for giving blood.

Recently, I got another Amazon gift certificate for giving blood, and I
am pondering what to do with it.
I recently have looked at several videos on YouTube and elsewhere about
machine quilting with a singer Featherweight.
The videos and blogs that I looked at said 4 basic things: since the
featherweight has such a small harp, it just isn't possible to quilt
anything much bigger than a crib quilt; the feed dogs have to be covered
since the featherweight does not have the ability to drop the feed dogs,
the motor should be allowed to cool between quilting an area that is
perhaps at most 1ft(.3 meters) x 1ft, and of course that you need a
darning/free motion presser foot.
One video put a little doodad (I looked at the featherweight shop to see
if I could figure out the name of the little doodad, but I could not
seem to find it) over the feed dogs, and a person in another video used
a Teflon press cloth with a hole cut for the needle to do this. I am
not sure if Amazon sells the feed dog covering doodad, but they do sell
Teflon press cloths. I also got to wondering if something I already
have might work, such as aluminum foil, parchment paper, or freezer paper.
Well, any way looking at the prices on Amazon, I think these things (the
presser foot and the press cloth) would be at most $10 (at least before
shipping), and would be something I could use the gift certificate for.
Another possibility would be a pump for my bicycle. An electric pump
that you actually plug into a regular wall outlet is just too expensive,
costing at least $30, however, a foot powered pump can be purchased for
less than $15.
Another thing I was wondering was what book to read next. This relates
to the above because it might involve buying a Kindle (or a "real" paper
and ink) book from Amazon.
Currently, the "escapist literature" book I am reading is "The Wheel of
Time" series by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, and I am about 70%
through the last book, with about 7 hours of reading time left (or at
least that is what my Kindle says).
For my next book, I have 3 ideas:
1. Reread "The Lord of the Rings Series." I think I read this in 8th
grade or so and if I have reread it at some point between then and now,
I just don't remember. For this I would either get a physical paper and
ink book from Amazon (the Kindle edition of this series is $40, but a
used paperback of the series, in "good" condition is less than $10) or
the used bookstore that is about a mile from my apartment.
2. I was messing around with putting and epub reader on my Kindle, and
of course, to actually test the apps I found, I had to get a book in
that format, so I went to project Gutenberg, and downloaded the book
"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," so I could make that book and perhaps
another download, "Moby Dick," the next novels that I read.
3. The third possibility is that I have an app on my kindle that lists
books from Amazon (or whole series) that are free or "on sale" for
perhaps 99 cents or so. Many are various kinds of self-help or
cookbooks, but there are also quite a bit of fiction books as well. I
could look through this list, look at the reviews, and take a chance on
one of these books.
My Yonkoma: https://www.flickr.com/photos/brian0908/albums/72157680223526176 

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Brian Christiansen
Why not quilt by just using a longer stitch as if sewing a stem on a flower, in a curve motion? No, I don't mean to sound silly, but it would be pretty. Barbara in SC
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Bobbie Sews More
Um... I used to quilt on a 301, same harp size. Roll up the quilt and do it in sections. Twin bed sized quilts are pretty easy, doubles can be done. Or look into "quilt as you go" methods. The old fashioned spring bicycle clips that keep your pants hems from being eaten are useful for holding a rolled quilt for quilting.
I've used a 3x5 card or a piece of file folder for a feed dog cover. Punch a hole for the needle, tape down the outside edges. Set the stitch length to 0 and you're in business.
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Kay Lancaster
Hello Brian, Can't advise on the quilting part because I quilted by hand on a small frame. I buy used books from Amazon.com, any where from $.01 to $2 with $3.99 shipping so you might try some these. Sandy$
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I seldom drop the feed dogs on my machine (not a featherweight) for free-motion quilting, so I think you should be okay not covering them, but you do need the darning/free motion foot.
Check bookbub.com for lots of inexpensive e-books. You can subscribe to their emails to get a daily list of specials based on preferences you specify.
Julia in MN
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Julia in MN

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