OT Deputy Tases Camel

Well, now, really, NM. What would you do if a camel came at you? At least he didn't blast him with a sawed-off shotgun or annilate him and the surrounding area with an automatic something. Our Swamp Sheriff's secretary is also the 'animal control' officer and I doubt that she has the expertise or budget to educate her officers on the proper approach and TLC for camels. So very glad and happy to get to see your post. For too long my computer had you listed as a suspected Terrorist. Please let us know how your DD is doing and if the police have located the jerk that hurt her and left. Polly
"NightMist" That's right, he tased a CAMEL!
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Polly Esther
A camel is not what one expects to find on the local highway. Although if I had been in the position of the helpful motorist, I might have kept on driving for a bit before calling the authorities. And how is it that the fence can't keep the animals in? It's just one silly consequence after another, but it all started with the fence. Roberta in D
On Thu, 06 Jan 2011 04:21:43 +0000, NightMist wrote:
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True enough!
What I don't understand is if she knew who the camel belonged to, why did the woman call 911 instead?
I surely would not expect my local animal control or sheriffs to know what to do with an escaped camel.
I do think that that deputy was putting both of them at risk by taseing the creature. While it is true that tasers carried by law enforcement are waaaaaay stronger than the stun guns regular people can buy, I don't know as they are particularly effective on something so large as a camel. Anytime you give pain to a large animal without killing it you are putting yourself and others present at risk.
The sensible thing would have been to get the owner down there and make her deal with it. If it had been a cow, or a horse, or a mule, is that not what they would have done? If it had been a big ole billy goat instead of a camel they could well have found themselves in the same situation, only most billy goats of my acquaintance would not have stood idle after being tased!
The whole situation was indeed carelessness with a double portion of foolishness piled on top.
Though with regard to the fence, if it has been wet there recently it could well be that the ground was soft enough that the animal knocked the fence down just by leaning on it. Happens all the time around here with cattle in the spring.
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