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Hi all
Here's the background. My business club did a service project at school to
fill goodie boxes for soldiers. That was the easy part. Getting some
addresses has been a nightmare beyond belief. I have used all my contacts
through the three bases near Anchorage and while everyone says they will
help, no one has ever returned my calls or emails.
So, we have 12 boxes to mail and through other friends I have received five
addresses so far. That means that I need seven (7) more. This is the last
week of school so my students and I really need to send them out on Tuesday
as Wednesday is the last day of classes.
Please, if you have a soldier address that you are willing to share, please
email me at school at
steve dot cook @ matsuk12 dot us ( fix as necessary)
and post here that you have sent one, or more, so that everyone knows how
many I have received.
Thanks for your help. We will really appreciate it as I am sure the
soldiers will too. There is even some canned (tin) wild Alaskan Salmon in
each box. A little extra treat.
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Steven Cook
Here's the address I use, Steven. It is an APO so I'm thinking the postage is maybe a bit gentler. This is where I send good stuff: MTD Attn: Soldiers' Angels CMR 402 APO AE 09180
You can go to
formatting link
for details. The post office is going to ask questions about your boxes and we appreciate their being careful. Polly
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Polly Esther
Thanks Polly
We're using the post office flat rate boxes so we do get a rate cut there. With them, we have to have specific addresses, but I will use this one as needed as well.
Yes, we have many forms to fill out for the post office about specifics in the boxes. I do hope that we have filled out enough. If not, boy, do I have a lot of work ahead of me.
Steven Alaska
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Steven Cook

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