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I've just finished 'star pockets' from Quiltmaker March/April 2006 #108.
You can see the pattern at
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well, their
version, not mine. Theirs is composed of sweet pastels and, of course, mine
is done in brights. I used Snoopy, bouncing balls, bumble bees and checks.
There's a little problem with the design concept. The idea is that four
of the blocks have pockets where you would be able to hide small toys. The
picture shows what looks like Beanie Babies or similar. The finished pocket
only measures 2" x 4" and is way too tiny to put much of anything. Since
babies want to put everything in their mouths, I am baffled about what to
safely hide.
If you consider trying this pattern, I believe you would want to enlarge
it - or use another pattern with something like 6 1/2" squares for the
pockets. Other than that . . . Polly

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polly esther
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Cute quilt, Polly -- either in pastels or brights. But I had a similar thing happen to me once. I made a quilted Advent calendar that was supposed to have pockets for "goodies" for each day. The pockets are so small that I can barely fit a couple of M&M's into each one. Definitely not what I had in mind. :S
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Sandy Foster
I have only seen them with pockets sized for a single starlight mint or butterscotch disc, and the candies always poke out of the pockets, they never fit totally inside the pockets. Debra in VA See my quilts at
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