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Wow, was it a long time ago when I made this website. It used to be at
Geocities -- without ads, of course! Geocities has been gone for a few
years now. I can't believe that I actually updated this Tripod site in May
2011. In August 2011 I moved back to Indiana. I'd had a "cardiac incident"
in January 2011 which forced me into an early retirement. I moved back to
Indianapolis to be closer to family in the MIdwest and to be in the heart of
Quilt Land!! Indianapolis is my retirement mecca for quilting!
So I came back to the newsgroup to read the thread about Webshots
disappearing, a thread mentioned on the Facebook page.
Someone here mentioned updating the website with our new Picasa or flickr or
whatever photos sites. Gosh, there are probably other things to update
Maybe I should take down the links to the 2007-2008 BOM? LOL
Kay Ahr in Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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Kay Ahr
I switched briefly to Flickr and then to Picasa. I presume I moved because Webshots and Flickr weren't user friendly (for me!). I've just looked and the tripod site has my old pictures in Webshots which apparently are about to disappear.
Quite happy for you to put my picasa folders on the Website instead.
I can't remember the 2007-8 BOM so can't have done that one. The previous ones have just been taken out of their box as they are Christmas ones, and I use them to help decorate the hall for our animal charity sale next month. I hope to start quilting my Starry Night Swap Quilt soon! I am 'not allowed' any more BOMs until I have finished the UFOBOMs and Swaps! (and other bits and bobs!).
Sally at the Seaside ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~uk
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Sally Swindells
That BOM is one of my favorite qulits! Roberta in D
On Wed, 31 Oct 2012 07:54:05 -0400, "Kay Ahr" wrote:
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You could just wait 4-1/2 years and then have a 10-year reunion and everyone could make the quilt again. :)
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