Re: [OT] Away for a bit, maybe longer.

Good luck to you -keep quilting!
Roberta in D
I'm going away on holiday for a week to Portugal (Sao Rafael to a villa!)
> with Boyfriend and my Dad and his girlie friend so I won't be here at all
> then in case you try to contact me and I don't reply for some reason! >
> The other thing is, I won't be dropping is as much as I used to as I'm
> trying to get ready for moving out the nest to a place where we won't be
> able to afford to use the internet for anything much more than checking
> emails! Maybe once we're established and work out how much money we need
> for rental and other things we'll be able to get a tariff with unlimited
> evening internet time, but that's up to the landlord as much as us. >
> That brings me to another point. I've decided not to take my offered place
> at the London College of Fashion. I've realised that I was pushed into it
> by various people and it's not what I want to do. I'll be moving to
> Aberystwyth with my Boyfriend who is going to uni there and I'll possibly be
> pursuing a career in banking (with Natwest possibly!). I'm considering
> applying to uni next year to study economics, accounting, something like
> that but I'm unsure as of yet.
> Anyway, I'll still be reading emails and I'll let everyone know of my change
> of address when it happens, although my old one will still be valid as my
> Dad will send post on! ;-D
> Thanks for all the help I've got here, it's been invaluable.
> Charlie.
> (And if anyone wants to show me Wales when I'm there, I'd love to!) >
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