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Hi All
First, if you can spare good safety thoughts, prayers, juju, stars aligned,
or whatever, Bert and I would certainly welcome it for the next two weeks.
Our son has a friend that bought a motorbike in DC, had it trailerd to San
Diego, and volunteered to DRIVE, YES DRIVE it all the way back to Anchorage
for his friend. If that isn't enough to put parents in permanent worry
mode, apparently after the bike was bought and before it was shipped it was
used by the seller, and used hard, and is now in a state of disrepair, so we
have to worry that the bike will not break down on the way up here. The
next two days worry us the most as he has to get through/past LA. Dear me,
I'll be blue from holding my breath for two days.
Anyways, school is over, the democratic state convention is over, the
bathroom FINALLY got finished, the company has arrived and departed,
participation in the pridefest parade is over, Bert has a cold, and we leave
for our travels in a week.
I got a fair bit of hand quilting done over the last two weeks. I just
needed some down time between all the activities and meetings and put some
funny movies in and quilted away. The company had traveled around the state
for a few days and then settled in for the rest of their time up here with
us. They wanted to visit sites of interest in the morning, hike in the
afternoon and relax in the evening so while we talked, I got the hand
quilting out. I just can't sit. So, a UFO is well on its way to not being
a UFO. The last part will be yucky though since it is a small hexagon
wallhanging and I will be doing the edge as a knife edge, not a binding.
That will be a first and should be a challenge.
Also trying to get some hand projects around for the travels and get some
computer work done so busy times continue.
I've been following along but not been posting much, but good vibes out to
everyone, we're all so busy with summer and the usual. Everyone, stay safe.
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Steven Cook
Good thoughts and fingers crossed! Keep breathing, keep quilting, both good for your sanity. The kid will be OK. BTDT as a parent, accounts for a lot of grey hairs. Roberta in D
On Sat, 26 Jun 2010 23:03:11 -0800, "Steven Cook" wrote:
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Well, apparently the addition of more gray hairs to this mostly gray head will be slowing down. From the cryptic email that Dad received this morning, the bike is just not good enough to make the trip and will be sold in the LA area. He made it to Santa Monica and we assume is now just sightseeing and waiting to fly back home after Mom helped with a new one-way ticket home. He said that he will call us on Monday so we will find out more then I assume and hope. The Concours clubs in the region have been helping out and I think finally convinced him, which he already knew, that it just wasn't safe. Also, the fact that it leaked gas all over his boot and pant leg didn't help any.
So Dad and I may sleep a bit easier. If it was his bike, which he meticulously maintains, there would be a whole lot less worry, but that is/was not the case.
Having step-kids is bad enough for the worry factor. How do all you bio-adoptive-parents ever survive? I barely do somedays. I just worry too much.
Thanks for all the good thoughts and vibes.
Steven Alaska
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Steven Cook
Sounds like a good thing for him to fly home.
I tell you, kids are just a worry. I check the newspaper everyday in the city my son works. He has been on the front page a couple of times. I just try to put it all out of my mind as much as I can. We are lucky to have great kids but even those cause worry. I tease my dh that he is lucky his kids are my kids otherwise I wouldn't put up with them. Loving them definitely helps and makes it easier. Taria
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Good thoughts for a safe trip for your son. No matter what their age, they are still your 'baby' and worry seems to be part of being a parent. Donna
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Glad all is OK. I hate motor bikes...
But the HQ seems to be coming on, well done. Isn't it nice to have something to plug away at during a socialble chat? That's one of the reasons I like HQ so much. That and its portability.
By knife-edge, do you mean turning the edges in and putting a quilt stitch along the edge? I use that edging pretty well all the time. I like the fact that back and front are not broken by an extraneous colurway. I find the trick is to cut the wadding carefully, then press one edge. The other edge then just plops in over the wadding and behind the pressed edge. Voila! But mind your fingers. 4/5 layers can be pretty tough to needle.
Nel (GQ)
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Well, I'm hoping to have quilted it all 1/4" from the seams all around all the hexagons, then cut the backing even with the front and the wadding a bit shorter, fold the front over the wadding to the back and then fold in the backing and basically stitch in the ditch all the way around since I hope the backing will be a bit inside the edge of the front. We shall see.
Yes, I have to have something to work on during TV and more informal friends and chatting. In fact, there was just a column in Ask Amy a while back commenting on this. Some women was chastised by her friends, in their 40's and up, that she should not knit while they were conversing. Hello, women have been doing it for centuries and how do these other women think women of yore got so much done in the way of knitted socks, quilts, etc. I don't think it is a bit rude to have something to work on. It would be one thing if you had to get up and run to the sewing room and things like that. I don't. It's all right there for me and it is fairly small. In itself it is a conversation starter.
We're not thrilled about motor bikes either. Our son is very careful, but it's the other people that we worry about. He has all sorts of safety clothing and always wears a helmut, which you don't have to in this state, and is a very aware driver, but it is still a worry. Always will be.
Thanks for the thoughts.
Steven Alaska
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Steven Cook
Children are usually not too far from our minds. A motorcycle trip for a long distance can be a worry for any age group!
Having the handwork to do while visiting is great! I often have a project along for lunch hour or dr appts or somesuch. And different meetings. There are those who don't understand, but too bad!
Ginger in CA
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Ginger in CA
The good news is: you raised him right, so he's likely to do the right thing. The bad news: you never get to stop worrying, no matter how little reason there is. Just goes with the territory. At least I'm beyond the stage of staying up by the front door (in robe and nightie, looking pathetic so as to invoke appropriate guilt) until all the baby chicks are home. Roberta in D
On Sun, 27 Jun 2010 11:56:27 -0800, "Steven Cook" wrote:
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