Re: quilty hug gift

I guess I don't, but I just didn't want to do it if she wasn't OK with that.
But, she said OK, so here's the URL to my photo album, and you can see the
pretty HUG quilt at the bottom.
formatting link

At least, I *think* this qualifies as a HUG. But nonetheless, it's an
amazing gift.
The colors in the photo of course do not do it complete justice, but it is
SO pretty.
Now that IS a good friend! It sounds lovely, I can't wait to see it! I'm a
> little puzzled though. If it's yours now, why do you need her permission to
> post a picture of it?
> Karen, Queen of Squishies
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Ann Adamson
Ann, it's beautiful! I can see why you admired it -- and what a great friend you have to have made it for you. It made me a little wistful -- the first quilt I made was a TATW, and I later made a baby quilt for our first grandchild using a variation of TATW, and looking at yours reminded me of what a good feeling I had as I worked on them (and when I finished them!). Wow, memories of making quilts are almost as good as actually making them!
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The Nielands
Thanks for the pictures, Ann. That is a really lovely quilt. Those fabrics are beautiful. It even *looks* soothing. Such a special gift. . In article , Ann Adamson writes
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Gorgeous! She was smart to give it to someone who appreciates it :-) Wish I could see the quilting a bit more -is it random, or some kind of feather design? Roberta in D
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Roberta Zollner
OK, it's sort of a feathery meander. It's best to see it -- I just added photos to the photo album where you can better see the quilting.
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Ann Adamson

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