sewing machine

Hi Everyone,
I normally luke but I am trying to get some opinions on sewing machine
if it is OK. I am interested in the new Brother QC1000 but I am open
to suggestions. Does anyone have this machine? If so, how do you
like it? Does it have a full rotary hook? Is there something
Thanks for any help.
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Hello Jean. I do not have a Brother SM. (I do have a RL Brother, but that is TMI, eh?) Anyhow, I would like to point out that I like my Pfaff. Her name is Pfilomina. She includes a built in dual feed. She is a great all around SM. What features do you want on your new SM?
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Pat in Virginia
Here is a link to a website with lots of reviews of different sewing machines. I note that there are 2 reviews for the model you are interested in.
formatting link
I hope this helps.
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