Singer 306 machine

I'm bailing my old Singer 306 out of sewing machine jail to loan to someone.
I was getting ready to oil and lube it, dust it off and see how he runs when
I discovered that the cord to the foot pedal is not connected to the
machine. I am the opposite of mechanically-minded, and I can't even figure
out where it is supposed to connect! The end of the cord is supposed to wrap
around 2 screws - I can tell that much - but where??? The cord from the
outlet to the machine is all there, and plugs into the socket just fine.
There is no obvious place on that plug for the other cord.
I tried looking online for pictures of 306s to see if I could figure it out,
but no luck. Help!
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Hey Wendy! So nice to have you back. I can't believe your qi's are 6 and in first grade. I feel so old ; ) I don't have a 306 around but it might be like this 319:
formatting link
Look on the left near the bottom of the page. If this is the case you need to attach a thingy (plug ?, can't remember the proper term) to the end of the wires. DH probably can do it for you if you have the plug thing. I have a couple of them here. If you need one holler. One of your other cordsets might work. Do you have a FW? You can try that. Irene probably can be better help if she is around.
HTH, TAria
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Ok, that pic near the bottom left of the page looks just like my socket. I unscrewed the socket, and there are hand-tightened screw things there. I'm pretty sure the wires wrap around there... I'll keep you updated!
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Lord have mercy. I've forgotten who, but one of us is the daughter of a fireman. She's probably going to faint dead away when she sees this thread. Y'all be careful, now, hear? Polly
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polly esther
*lighting candles to every deity and loa she can think of that might cover mechanical reasoning, sewing, machinery in general, and 23 year old blonde thought processes*
NightMist going shopping for wax tomorrow
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