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Hello's from Old Timers was Re: OT: Pig is not as missing as she might appear.....
Hi to you too Dragonfly! I was thrilled to see your name!!! It would be fun to hear from some of the other MIA's as well! Hugs, Dreamweaver
11 years ago
Penny Haren's book
Has anyone seen it? Pieced Appliqué. You start with a foundation block and appliqué shapes or even pieces of other blocks directly onto the foundation block. You can turn a pinwheel foundation block...
11 years ago 1
Ping: Lobo - Quilt Ribbons (longish)
I used your method of making ribbons for our celebrity judges. First off, everyone loved the idea! I ended up with 15 ribbons to make. So that wasn't too bad. I did change one thing. I found all kinds...
11 years ago
Quilt Cad ?
Went into my LQS for the first time in perhaps a couple of months. Noticed they had something called Quilt Cad on the shelf behind the checkout counter. Is this new software? How does it compare to...
11 years ago 4
OT-State Postcards
Hi All, The Greyhound rescue, I work with, is having a fashion show fundraiser next spring. The theme for the show is "Traveling across America". Each table will have a different state theme. I was...
11 years ago 24
Quilt show link
Selsey Quilters maybe visiting the US of A next year. :-))
11 years ago 1
2008 Quilt shows
Hello from Chester UK Yes it's that time of year again, If you are going to one of the shows listed enjoy all the quilts Please take phoho's & post here so we can all enjoy them. of speical interest...
11 years ago 1
OT - our friends down south
I've just been reading about Hurricane Gustav. This bad boy is going to be real lee bad. In fact I hope all of you are already gone and won't even read this until after the fact. But our prayers are...
11 years ago 31
Meet up accomplished with Rusty
Hi girls, Not sure if Rusty has checked in with a report on our meeting 2 weeks ago as I have just returned from Melbourne (Oz). Anyhow, I had previously had the pleasure of meeting Rusty three or...
11 years ago 2
Hendersonville quilt sightings
Jim and I are back from 10 days in Hendersonville where we met my parents for a family vacation. My parents have no interest in traditionally feminine activities. They actively don't know how to cook,...
11 years ago 13
OT Kamikaze quirrel
your stash well, and get your peanut butter under lock and key! This may mean the little beggers are finally making a bid for world domination. NightMist never did trust the overly cute garden...
11 years ago 34
pin tips
I'm thinking there are enough newbies among us that our tricks with pins need to be repeated. Here are mine. The floor in my sewing room is such a busy tile that you could easily lose a goat with a...
11 years ago 16
What I've been working on
Here's what I've been workingon, including the two pieces that were more or less finished in theclass I took with Rosalie Dace. Sunny Wow! They're marvellous Sunny. They are quite like quilts I see in...
11 years ago 4
Mystery quilt
I made one about 10 years ago at an all day class. Actually the two teachers told us we would finish the top in one day !!! Ha..! Midway through the class they realized that we wouldn't finish a top...
11 years ago
OT - HALP!!! Damsel in distress!
Ladies, I'm in a pickle. I've got a family reunion to go to tomorrow, and I need to bring some sort of side dish to share with everyone. There won't be many of us this year, only about 30 or so at the...
11 years ago 9