Altered Tin Challenge - my tin :)

I missed hearing exactly what the April challenge was, but I ahve made my
Nephew an 18th birthday 'card' using an altoid tin. I used embossing
powders to decorate the outside and stuck in 3 birthday cake candles - one
for each wish - for the past, present and for the future.
I uploaded it to the 'My Cards' album of:
formatting link
I can't believe I have a Nephew who is 18 - geeeeez that makes me feel old!!! ;)
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Jane Thorpe
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I liked your tin and am inspired by your CD to try it.
You know when your DH is enabling when he is sorting recycling and he asks "honey, can't you alter this or something?" Showing me a used AOL disk.
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You have done a great job of the first half of the challenge! The second part was that you needed to make a little book of at least 5 pages. I love what you have written in the tin and the symbolism of the 3 candles!
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Ah thank you - glad I know the whole challenge now!! As soon as I get another tin I plan to mkake a special mini book for my DH for Fathers Day - so it may not be in April - I hate mints so I have to wait until a kind friend buys and eats some :)
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Jane Thorpe
That's a new idea for me. .....a birthday card! I'll have to remember that. Looks great! Sandy
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Love the tin, Jane! You are so very creative! Wonderful cards,too.
Hugs, Sabrina in Kentucky
a good friend is a life long treasure
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awesome!!! that is so creative! I LOVE it!! And to think that I have used all of my altoid tins to hold confetti!!! I might just have to rethink that! LOL
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Hannah Morley

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