April Incentive - Cash REBATE!

April Incentive - Cash REBATE!
Every new April Instructor will receive a 20% rebate (in the form of
original payment, i.e. credit card, check, etc.) on their first product
order if placed within 14 days of signup.
Start Your Own Scrapbooking Business for $30!
Would you like to receive 43% profit on amazing, new and trendy products NOT
found on ANY store shelf anywhere? You can offer wonderful top quality
products to your friends that they could not find elsewhere. Become the
FIRST instructor in YOUR town!
Hobbyists are welcome to join for a 30% discount only. Leadership positions
are also available.
Come to my website for more details!
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Call or Email me today!
Ask me about my sign up specials :)
Karen Clark
Team Captain #US16
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Team Captain Karen Clark
We appreciate your letting us know what you are doing with your business, however you will get a much better reception from our members if you follow our advertizing policies as set out in our FAQ:
What about posting advertisements? Scrapbook related ads are tolerated in RCS provided that they are prefixed by AD and are posted no more than twice a month. Posting ad dates are the first and third Friday of each month.
Please note that we will be happy to go and read your ads on alt.crafts.scrapbooks, so as to make things easier on all of us.
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