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(Algemeen Scrapbookpapier)
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Can you give me an address to the store itself? I am going to Holland in 2 months and would love to pick up some of these papers. I love the tulips and the cheese and the windmills and wooden shoes.
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If it's a real shop, I may have to make that drive. They tell me that Amsterdam is only about 6 hours from here. There isn't much to be found in Germany and what I do find is on the American posts :D Off to look around that site. Too bad the euro/dollar rate sucks. (it's costing me $0.80 to buy a euro)
Susan & Boys, In Deutschland
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I found the address of Multihobby.
MULTIHOBBY Kamelenspoor 133 3605 EG MAARSSEN Nederland
(Maarssen is a town not far from Utrecht)
BUT: as far as I understand, they do NOT have a shop. You can order your supplies and they will either send it to you, or you can collect your order at the address mentioned above.
To be certain you can give them a call on: Monday - Friday between 11.00AM-12.00PM and 6.00-7.00 PM (sorry, but you have to find out yourselves what time that would be for your local time). Their telephone number: ++ (0) 346 555 068
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Me too. I've got $1400Cdn saved for spending money and it only works out to about $1000 Euro's. I don't have to pay for hotels because we're staying with family. *If* that is a store, and you do go to it, can you let me know what you think? There are papers that I saw on the website that are very pretty that I haven't seen here.
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Thank you. When I'm in Holland I'll give them a call. I'm sure I'll be travelling through Maarssen at least once. :o)
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