Embellishment box is home again!

It's here!!! It's also buldgeing. LOL I'm serious! What did you ladies
put in here? LOL I'll go through it and make sure everything's still in
good condition, etc. Once it's ready again I'll put another call out for
it. But I wanted to let everyone know that it's back. Sure, the container
is mine, and I'm the host, but I really do consider this something for RCS.
Just wanted you all to know it's back and to be looking for another call for
round 2!
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Deb in AR
I told you it was full! :P Looked to me like everything in it was Good Stuff too... glad it's home safe and I'll be looking forward to Round Two :)
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Karen AKA KajiKit
So I am curious....what do you do with all the stuff that is in there now, when it comes to doing round 2? Does everyone start over by sending new stuff again?~~> I might need to start stocking up for that early! Linda
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Linda C
I've taken out a few pieces that were torn or bent. I'm also using this as my turn at the box. So I'll take out what I'll use and replace just like the other participants did. And yes, we'll start over again by all the participants sending new stuff again. But, I need to do a bit of reorganizing to the box first. After the 2nd round, anything that's been in the box since this round will be taken out and donated. After all, if after 2 rounds it hasn't been taken out, odds are no one is going to use it.
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Deb in AR

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